moving to New Acres Wandsworth

New Acres Wandsworth

Planning to move to a new exciting development in the heart of Wandsworth? Check New Acres Wandsworth!


Five new stunning buildings with a range of mixed-use spaces for residents, retail and offices will be finished by the spring of 2024. Great improvement for our local Wandsworth area which would have 480 high-quality built-to-rent homes.

This an amazing opportunity for the existing or new residents of Wandsworth to move to a most family-friendly area in London.

Perfectly designed not just for communal use but also for local home services including removals companies in Wandsworth, with a perfectly wide area between the buildings any removals vehicle would make a minimum abstraction and disturbance during any relocation.

What new build would include?

The first question for those who are considering moving into New Acres Wandsworth obviously is “What includes £128,000,000 worth of construction” and what you would have after moving there?

Here is some information about what has been planned to have in New Acres Buildings.

  • 1100 affordable apartments across both sides
  • Boutiques shops
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Over 200 trees
  • Children’s play area
  • Gym and fitness
  • Rooftop lounge

New Acres Wandsworth For businesses

The property, with an estimated Gross Development Cost of £500 million, will be a landmark BTR development in the UK, comprising about 1,000 dwellings and 85,000 square feet of commercial space.

The project has received full planning permission and contains 35% affordable housing in one of Central London’s most established and popular residential districts.

The current London Plan identifies an unmet housing requirement in Wandsworth of 2,310 additional dwellings per year due to a supply/demand mismatch in the local region.

Legal & General’s new initiative will contribute significantly to addressing this scarcity by offering purpose-built rental houses with extended leases for people of various ages, demographics, and social groupings.

Meaning of BTR

A Build to Rent (BTR) building is a restored or freshly constructed residential structure where all of its units/apartments are rented out, owned by one landlord, and professionally managed by one operator.

Most BTR buildings are large, with 50 or more apartments, and are often owned by an institutional investor.

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