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Concierge Service From A Removals Company

Wondering how to find additional time for all administrative tasks before moving then welcome to our concierge service. Check out what our team can do for you to find the solution right now!

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Concierge Service From Promover Team

Promover Team is well known for its superior aftercare and concierge services in addition to its top-notch move preparation and skilled guys on the ground.

To discuss your needs for any of the services listed below, kindly get in touch with your surveyor or the office directly.

We will get and provide you with quotes from the most trusted home services in your area, which would help you not just to save time, but also to see everything in one place!

Contact us today to start your journey with a new-generation moving company!


An electrician can be provided to help with any electrical disconnections such as lights, chandeliers and any other disconnections. They will also replace the disconnected fitting with a pendant light so it is safe.


Washing machines, Dishwashers or any other water disconnections must be done by a qualified plumber for insurance purposes. They will make the connections safe for the new owner’s incoming appliances.

Cleaning/carpet wash

On many of our moves, we will take care of the cleaning of the home we have packed and loaded and the complete spring cleaning, carpet washing of the home we are delivering into. We can time the cleaning and the delivery to minims disruption to the move but give enough time for carpets to dry etc.

Taking things to charity

Any furniture that the charity shop will accept we will gladly take there free of charge. Please ask your surveyor for further details.

Recycling and Disposal

Any items that are unwanted and required to be cleared we can take away for you. This can be organised at the point of booking your move or closer to the time whichever suits your situation.


For any jobs that require taking down fixtures and fittings above and beyond the nature of our work, windows taking out, taking down shelves and any other aspect of this kind of work. We will organise our handyman to come at the most suitable time as to not get in the way but also meet the completion deadlines.
We can also take down the garden shed, Wendy house, upon request.

What Is The Cost Of Concierge Service

At Promover Team we would not charge customers for something where we couldn’t assist. For example, taking things to charity or disconnecting the washing machine is something that we can do ourselves without applying additional charges for your relocation. Since you are already a client of ours, we are giving you our time without charge. We will go above and beyond to maintain your satisfaction by getting quotes from the best local home services.

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